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KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation’s Privacy Policy

October 1, 2017


KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation (“COMPANY”) recognizes the importance of privacy. Outlined below is our privacy policy, developed in line with relevant privacy laws and regulations in Japan (the “Privacy Laws”). We strictly follow this policy when handling your personal information.

1.Compliance with Related Laws
and Ordinances, Guidelines, etc.
COMPANY recognizes the importance of privacy and ensures full compliance with the Privacy Laws. We make every effort to ensure proper use and protect your personal information.
2.Collection, Use and
Disclosure of
Personal Information
COMPANY obtains personal information only through fair and lawful means. We give a clear statement of how the personal information will be used. We do not use personal information beyond the intended use without consent of the customer. When disclosing personal information to a third party, we will follow the procedure set forth by laws and regulations.
3.Intended Use of
Personal Information
The personal information will be used for the following purposes.
  • (1)To appropriately and smoothly perform the below-mentioned business activities, of which COMPANY is allowed to operate under the laws and the articles of incorporation (including businesses that will be allowed in the future), including collecting data, entering into contracts, enforcing transactions and communicating in emergency situations
    • 1Hotels, traditional inns, restaurants, sports facilities, resort facilities, amusement facilities, spas, public baths, saunas, meeting rooms, wedding facilities, kiosks, parking management and operation outsourcing, as well as planning and operations consulting
    • 2Travel industry consulting business
    • 3General passenger land transportation business
    • 4Sales and procurement of alcohol, tobacco, foodstuffs, beverages, cosmetics, medical supplies, medical equipment, books, stationery, toys, daily goods, travel goods, tourist souvenirs, precious metals, ceramics, and glass goods, etc.
    • 5Advertising agency and travel information services
    • 6Sales of postal stamps and duty stamps
    • 7Clothes rental
    • 8Cloakroom services for holding travelers’ goods
    • 9Leasing, rental, and management of real estate
    • 10Any and all businesses directly related to the preceding services
  • (2)To introduce products or services of our related companies or alliance partners which are considered valuable for customers
  • (3)For COMPANY or its related companies to conduct marketing activities, such as market research and analysis
  • (4)For COMPANY or its related companies to conduct recruiting activities and receive temporary staff
  • (5)To exercise legal rights or fulfill legal obligations
  • (6)The information obtained from cookies to use for providing wide-range of online services to our customers in a smooth way and also for the web server to identify the computer of the users
  • (7)To provide the personal information to a third party to the extent required to accomplish the intended use mentioned in the preceding items 1 to 6
4. Disclosure of Personal
Data to a Third Party
  • (1)COMPANY may give the provided personal information (excluding personal information deemed sensitive) to a third party such as our related companies for the purpose of accomplishing the intended use mentioned in the preceding section 3.
  • (2)COMPANY will give the personal data (your name, nationality, birth date and year, passport number, etc.) to food and beverage facilities to the extent required to arrange the restaurant services the customers requested and to provide such services to customers.
  • (3)The personal data to be provided to third parties are limited only to your name, address, phone number, email address and other information required for accomplishing the intended use.
  • (4)The personal data will be given to third parties via writing, phone, postal mail, email, electronic data or other methods.
  • (5)COMPANY will discontinue the transfer of such data to third parties if requested by customer.
  • (6)Customers who wish to discontinue the sharing of their personal information to third parties may contact us by telephone or mail through the address listed in section 9.
5.Sharing of Personal Data COMPANY may share the provided personal data as described below:
  • (1)Personal data
    Your name, workplace/organization (company name, division, title, etc.), mailing address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • (2)Parties receiving the personal data
    Related companies of COPMPANY
  • (3)Purpose of sharing
    For the intended use mentioned in the preceding section 3.
  • (4)Responsible party related to the sharing of the personal data
6.Articles Related to Safety
and Control of Personal Data
COMPANY controls the provided personal data in an appropriate and discreet manner, and to avoid unauthorized access, loss, falsification and leaking of personal data, we are committed to take necessary and reasonable measures including educating employees and installing a security system on the database.
7.Outsourcing of
Personal Data Processing
When outsourcing personal data handling, COMPANY exercises necessary and reasonable control and supervision with the outsourcee in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law.
8.Information Regarding
Personal Data
It is required under the Privacy Laws to give the following information related to the personal data we possess.
  • (1)Name of the entity handling the personal information
    KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
  • (2)Purposes of use of all personal data
    Purposes are specified in 3. Intended Use of Personal Information.
  • (3)Process for requesting a notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction or stop of use, etc.
    To request a notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction or stop of use of the personal data, please follow the steps below:
    • A. The request shall be sent via postal mail to the address shown in 9. Contact.
    • B. If requesting a disclosure, 400-yen postage stamps are required as a fee.
    • C. Please use the format we provide.
    • D. Please provide a form of identification. We need it to confirm your identity or to confirm whether you are an official representative.
  • (4)Making claims
    Please contact us. The address and phone are shown in 9. Contact.
9. Contact If you have any opinion or question related to our handling of personal information or if you have to make a request related to the personal information, please contact us:
  • KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation
  • 1-1-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
  • Phone: +81 3 5544 5813
10.Further Improvements COMPANY will continue to make further improvements to our privacy policy in order to protect the personal information we possess.

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