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  • Points will be awarded only when you register as a member, log in with your member ID and make a booking via the official karaksa hotel website.
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Flow chart of point allocation
Flow chart of point allocation Flow chart of point allocation
  • Points cannot be awarded for bookings made prior to membership registration.
  • Points will be awarded for the total amount you spend, minus consumption tax and other taxes and dues.
Point calculation breakdown
Point calculation breakdown Point calculation breakdown
  • This award rate is one example of the rates available to members


Can I register as a member at the hotel reception desk?
No. You can only register to become a member via our official website. Click here to register.
Are there any fees for registration or annual membership?
No. We don't charge for registration or annual membership.
Do you issue membership cards?
No, we don't issue any cards.
Do points accrue for bookings made over the phone or at the front desk?
Points will only be awarded for bookings made via the official karaksa hotel website.

Reservations made over the phone or through booking sites other than our official website are not eligible to receive points.
Do my points have an expiration date?
Your points are valid for 12 months from the check-out date of each booking.
I cannot register or login with my social media account (i.e. Facebook or LINE).
There are two possible reasons that you are having trouble logging in:

  • 1. You may not be able to login through social media depending on your device, browser or OS version. In this case, please use your email address for registration.

  • 2. If you first register with your email address, you cannot login by linking your social media account with a different email address. If the email address used for membership registration and the email address of your social media account are the same, you can login to your membership from your social media account by linking them.

  • *Please refrain from registering more than one account. Even if you have registered more than one account, the points awarded to each account cannot be combined.


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Guest rooms sanitized item list
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Door latch
  • ・Switches
  • ・Air conditioner switches and remote controls
Living area
Living area
  • ・TV
  • ・TV remote controls
  • ・Refrigerator (front door only)
  • ・Desks, tables and furniture
  • ・Laminated signs and ads
  • ・Telephone
  • ・Hand mirror
  • ・Trash can
  • ・Mineral water bottles
  • ・Electric kettle
  • ・Tea set
  • ・Coffee maker
  • ・Hangers
  • ・Shoehorn
  • ・Deodorizing spray bottles
  • ・Washing and drying machine* (switches, front door only)
  • ・Microwave*
  • ・Security box*
  • ・Delivery box*
  • ・Air purifier/humidifier*
Bed area
Bed area
  • ・Night stand
  • ・Light switches and panels
  • ・Tissue box
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Sink and faucet
  • ・Hand soap dispenser
  • ・Hair dryer
  • ・Switches and outlets
  • ・Towel racks
Toilet area
Toilet area
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Toilet seat and bowl
  • ・Washlet panel
  • ・Toilet paper holder
  • ・Wash basin and faucet
  • ・Toilet floor (using disinfectant spray)
  • ・Towel racks
  • ・Sanitary disposal box

*Only available in select hotels and rooms

About connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are great options for families and groups. These adjacent rooms are connected by inner doors, allowing guests to move freely back and forth—with the added convenience of two bathrooms. Inner doors can be closed when going to bed.
View our connecting rooms using a 360-degree VR experience

Click on the photo to view 360-degree VR content.