As of January 19, 2024

These are the community guidelines for the official social media accounts that KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation (referred to below as “the Company”) will be operating. We ask users to respect these guidelines. The Company's official social media accounts are operated to help customers make travel plans and to enjoy karaksa hotel experiences. We kindly request that you read the community guidelines below and agree to the terms of service for each social media platform before accessing the Company's official social media accounts.

1.Official Social Media Accounts
2.Operations and Contact Information

Languages: Japanese and English
Business Hours: Weekdays 9:00–18:00
*Excludes Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, Golden Week and year-end holidays
**Operations may cease on other days without prior notice.
Please see the karaksa hotels website for more details about the hotel.

Please contact the marketing department of KARAKSA HOTELS Corporation at with any questions.

3.Posts by karaksa hotel

Information posted by our content creators on the Company's official social media account does not necessarily represent official Company statements or opinions.

For official Company information, please see our press releases or website.

4.Follows, Likes and Comments by the Company

In principle, the Company's official social media accounts will not follow or like other pages. However, there may be occasions when we inform customers using our official accounts to deliver captivating Japan travel opportunities, karaksa hotel information, tourist guides and more.

In general, we will not respond to comments. However, there may be necessary occasions or emergencies when we will respond.

5.Posted Content Usage

Any content posted on the Company's official social media accounts, including posts by general users, that include hashtags and location data related to the Company (i.e. #karaksanavi, etc.) may be published free of charge with permission of use on the karaksa hotel official website, the Company's official social media accounts or any digital signage set up by karaksa hotel.

Any posts including photographs of individuals are considered to have permission of use from all persons shown.

6.Requests when Posting

We ask that users of the Company's official social media accounts do not post items as defined below when posting on those accounts.

Any posts or remarks deemed inappropriate for the reasons below may be removed without notifying the user, and the Company may take other necessary measures as applicable.

  • (1)Is unrelated to the Company's official social media accounts
  • (2)Impersonates the Company or a third party
  • (3)Is false or a factual mistake
  • (4)Specifies particular individuals
  • (5)Is blatant misconduct or has no linguistic meaning (such as empty comments, enumerations of meaningless letters and posts containing repeated content)
  • (6)Contains personal information (such as full name, email address, home address and phone number), excepting content that is automatically displayed by Facebook
  • (7)Damages or could potentially damage the intellectual property (such as copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights), property rights, confidential industry information, portrait rights, privacy and other rights or profits of the Company or a third party
  • (8)Defames the Company or a third party, damages their honor or trust, or has such potential
  • (9)Is related to business operations, political activities or religious activities
  • (10)Is a harmful program that could destroy or cause malfunction of the Company's official social media account or any social media functions, such as a computer virus
  • (11)Is contrary or could potentially be contrary to public policy
  • (12)Is or could potentially be criminal conduct or a violation of law
  • (13)Is information that has been deleted from by-lines or legal descriptiions
  • (14)Is information provided under a false or impersonated identity
  • (15)Hinders the operation of the Company's official social media accounts or that the Company deems inappropriate

Furthermore, please do not duplicate or reproduce content without permission, excepting the use of official social media functions (such as liking or sharing).

7.Disclaimers for Use of the Company's Official Social Media Accounts

The Company takes no responsibility for the following items.

  • (1)The integrity, accuracy, legality or utility of information on the Company's official social media accounts, including posts from users
  • (2)Damage incurred by users from direct or indirect use of information or content on the Company's official social media accounts
  • (3)User damage related to the use of or the inability to use the Company's official social media accounts, or disputes that arise between users or between users and third parties on the Company's social media accounts
  • (4)Suspension, postponement or discontinuation of posts to the Company's official social media accounts due to unavoidable circumstances such as computer or transmission difficulties or maintenance
  • (5)Disappearance of information provided through users' posts to the Company's official social media accounts
  • (6)Termination or modification of the Company's official social media accounts or posting functionality of the Company's official social media accounts
    Any content posted by a user to the Company's official social media accounts is assumed to have its protection of copyrights, trademark rights and any other ownership rights confirmed by the user.
8.Moderation Policy

The Company welcomes and respects user posts, however, please be aware that in order to allow everyone comfortable use, posts and remarks that contain the following may be deleted:

Posts and remarks that are obscene or discriminatory; posts and remarks that attack, threaten or defame specific people or organizations; posts and remarks on political activities, business operations, advertisement or canvassing by third parties; posts and remarks that suggest or encourage criminal activity; and posts and remarks that are irrelevant to the Company

9.Management of Personal Information

If the Company obtains personal information from users, the Company will manage the personal information according to our privacy policy.

10.Changes to Community Guidelines

The Company may make changes to these community guidelines without obtaining user agreement. If the community guidelines are changed, use of the Company's official social media accounts after the changes by users must adhere to the post-change community guidelines.

Furthermore, post-change community guidelines take effect from the moment they are displayed on the karaksa hotels official website or on the Company's official social media accounts, except as otherwise specified.

11.Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

Interpretation and application of the Company's official social media accounts' posts and its community guidelines are governed by Japanese law. In addition, the Tokyo District Court shall be the presiding exclusive agreement jurisdictional court in all disputes concerning the use of the Company's official social media accounts.


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Guest rooms sanitized item list
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Door latch
  • ・Switches
  • ・Air conditioner switches and remote controls
Living area
Living area
  • ・TV
  • ・TV remote controls
  • ・Refrigerator (front door only)
  • ・Desks, tables and furniture
  • ・Laminated signs and ads
  • ・Telephone
  • ・Hand mirror
  • ・Trash can
  • ・Mineral water bottles
  • ・Electric kettle
  • ・Tea set
  • ・Coffee maker
  • ・Hangers
  • ・Shoehorn
  • ・Deodorizing spray bottles
  • ・Washing and drying machine* (switches, front door only)
  • ・Microwave*
  • ・Security box*
  • ・Delivery box*
  • ・Air purifier/humidifier*
Bed area
Bed area
  • ・Night stand
  • ・Light switches and panels
  • ・Tissue box
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Sink and faucet
  • ・Hand soap dispenser
  • ・Hair dryer
  • ・Switches and outlets
  • ・Towel racks
Toilet area
Toilet area
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Toilet seat and bowl
  • ・Washlet panel
  • ・Toilet paper holder
  • ・Wash basin and faucet
  • ・Toilet floor (using disinfectant spray)
  • ・Towel racks
  • ・Sanitary disposal box

*Only available in select hotels and rooms

About connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are great options for families and groups. These adjacent rooms are connected by inner doors, allowing guests to move freely back and forth—with the added convenience of two bathrooms. Inner doors can be closed when going to bed.
View our connecting rooms using a 360-degree VR experience

Click on the photo to view 360-degree VR content.