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karaksa hotel  A new style of minimalist hotel, designed especially for tourists

About our Brand Logo and Name

Since ancient times, the karakusa motif has been treasured as a symbol of growth, prosperity and intangible bonds.

The brand logo of the karaksa hotel combines the karakusa motif with the traditional Japanese tomoe and magatama designs to express growth and development, as well as partnership and nobility of spirit.

The new karaksa hotel was initiated from the desire to build a hotel brand that would be
beloved across generations, as fresh and supple as the karakusa arabesque itself.

The concept of the karaksa hotel is completely new. In the pursuit of comfort and
convenience for our guests, our hotels have been designed specifically for tourist visitors.

karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza is a new upper class of karaksa hotel, designed for "guests and their loved ones to share precious moments." A heightened level of comfort invites you to unwind and fondly recall your day of sightseeing, shopping or dining together.


Our spacious guest rooms are between 26㎡ and 43㎡ and feature large windows overlooking the Ginza district. The rooms combine functionality with tranquility in a space for travelers to truly relax. At our exclusive free lounge, seasonal drinks and light dishes are available. In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine and other alcoholic beverages from the self-service open bar. Background music playing from Bose speakers further invites you to relax and unwind.


We provide a superior experience for all of our guests—beginning with a pleasant night's sleep. Specially designed Serta mattresses are used in all guest rooms, combined with wool mattress pads that wick away moisture and down duvets with heat-retaining far infrared fabric (Kodenshi®). Sleeping at karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza is guaranteed to leave you refreshed. Guest rooms are also equipped with rain showers and LED mirrors, ensuring the pinnacle of comfort for our guests.


Relaxing at karaksa hotel premier Tokyo Ginza begins the moment you enter, where guests check in on comfortable chairs. For breakfast, our menu offers new-style Japanese food rich in umami, prevalent in the subtle dashi soup stock Japanese cuisine is known for. In-room breakfast options allow you to savor delicious cuisine in a more intimate setting.

  • Tokyo Ginza, TOKYO STATION

  • Shuttle Bus Service in Osaka

  • Sapporo

  • Osaka Namba

  • Osaka Shinsaibashi I,
    Kyoto I

Simple and Stylish—Modern Japanese Taste

The karaksa motif adds flair to the hotel ambiance.

A Variety of Room Types to Suit Travelers' Needs

Our rooms are specially designed to be comfortable for tourists.

Connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are great options for families and groups. These adjacent rooms are connected by inner doors, allowing guests to move freely back and forth—with the added convenience of two bathrooms. Inner doors can be closed when going to bed.
View our connecting rooms using a 360-degree VR experience
Many rooms accommodate up to three guests
While karaksa hotels have made twin rooms our standard, we also offer many rooms accommodating up to three guests for a more reasonable shared cost
Bulky suitcases fit neatly under the bed (Kyoto I, Osaka Shinsaibashi I, Kansai Air Gate)
Independent shower room, sink and toilet access is a welcome feature for guests traveling in groups (not available at Kyoto I or in some rooms)
We offer a convenient and fully equipped internet environment, with free Wi-Fi provided throughout the hotel and USB ports in the headboards of all guest rooms

Facilities to Make Your Stay More Comfortable

Facilities and services for long-term stays are also available.

Buffet-style breakfasts are provided in the bright, open restaurant, which offers mainly western food (Photo: Osaka Namba)
The breakfast menu is labeled for those with allergies or religious dietary restrictions
We also have a “Leisure Space” where guests can relax (Osaka Shinsaibashi I) and a laundry corner that is convenient for longer stays (excluding Kyoto I)
At our Sapporo hotel, unwind in our large and outdoor baths or RoomⓇ, a space for relaxation

A Full Range of Services for Overseas Visitors

Taking the stress out of your overseas visit to Japan

Our diverse staff of Japanese and foreign nationals can assist guests in multiple languages. We have also introduced a system for video calls with professional interpreters
There is free Wi-Fi provided throughout the hotel, with universal outlets or multi outlet plugs in all guest rooms
Our Osaka Shinsaibashi I hotel has a prayer room for Muslim guests. Also, all guest rooms at the Osaka Shinsaibashi I and Kyoto I include Qibla locators showing the direction of Mecca
Our hotels are conveniently located with easy access to popular tourist spots, major terminal stations, and airports


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