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The official website of karaksa hotels was updated on October 17.

The main pages that have been added or expanded are:


■ Concept
A concise introduction to the features of karaksa hotels.


■ Hotel List
A list of our hotels, including those opening soon!


What's New
Up-to-date information on events, etc.


■ Rooms
Room descriptions and floor plans. Here you will find information on which types of rooms are best for all types of guests.
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■ Tourist Information
Information on facilities we recommend nearby the hotel, divided into categories including "See," "Eat," "Buy" and "Leisure/Edutainment." Please feel free to use this resource when planning a trip. More information will be added soon.
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■ FAQs
Our customers' FAQs and our answers, divided into the categories of "Rooms and Accommodation," "Restaurants," "Facilities and Services at the Hotel," "Getting to the Hotel and the Surrounding Area," and "General Questions." We hope this page is useful for you!
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Guest rooms sanitized item list
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Door latch
  • ・Switches
  • ・Air conditioner switches and remote controls
Living area
Living area
  • ・TV
  • ・TV remote controls
  • ・Refrigerator (front door only)
  • ・Desks, tables and furniture
  • ・Laminated signs and ads
  • ・Telephone
  • ・Hand mirror
  • ・Trash can
  • ・Mineral water bottles
  • ・Electric kettle
  • ・Tea set
  • ・Coffee maker
  • ・Hangers
  • ・Shoehorn
  • ・Deodorizing spray bottles
  • ・Washing and drying machine* (switches, front door only)
  • ・Microwave*
  • ・Security box*
  • ・Delivery box*
  • ・Air purifier/humidifier*
Bed area
Bed area
  • ・Night stand
  • ・Light switches and panels
  • ・Tissue box
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Sink and faucet
  • ・Hand soap dispenser
  • ・Hair dryer
  • ・Switches and outlets
  • ・Towel racks
Toilet area
Toilet area
  • ・Door and door knob
  • ・Toilet seat and bowl
  • ・Washlet panel
  • ・Toilet paper holder
  • ・Wash basin and faucet
  • ・Toilet floor (using disinfectant spray)
  • ・Towel racks
  • ・Sanitary disposal box

*Only available in select hotels and rooms

About connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are great options for families and groups. These adjacent rooms are connected by inner doors, allowing guests to move freely back and forth—with the added convenience of two bathrooms. Inner doors can be closed when going to bed.
View our connecting rooms using a 360-degree VR experience

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