TsuruTonTan, Soemon-Cho

Get a seat overlooking the Dotonbori River at this udon shop

Get a seat overlooking the Dotonbori River at this udon shop

Time from the hotel: Walkingapprox. 9 minutes

The store concepts are different at each TsuruTonTan. The Soemon-cho store is designed to look like a quaint Japanese house, with private rooms and seats overlooking Dotonbori.

Their udon goes down smoothly, with a luster that they are proud of. The recipe is adjusted according to the outdoor temperature by changing the amounts of water and salt used. The menu has plenty to tempt you, with additional items added seasonally, such as chilled noodles in summer.

NameTsuruTonTan, Soemon-Cho
Address3-17 Soemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Tel +81 6 6211 0021

Operating hours and closing dates may change without notice. Please contact each facility to confirm availability before your visit.

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