Prime location for all sightseeing in the area

Prime location for all sightseeing in the area

Shijo-Omiya, the closest train station from our hotel, is only a 3-minute walk. From there, one of the most popular sightseeing locations, Arashiyama, is just 20 minutes by the Arashiyama Line. Kyoto Station is also only 10 minutes by train or taxi, and a myriad of historically rich destinations, including world heritage sites, are easily accessible from our hotel.
12-13 Mibubojocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8804, Japan
Tel +81 75 823 6602

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FAQ about Access and Environs around the Hotel

Is there any place nearby for shopping?
There is a convenience store approx. a one minute walk from the hotel. There are also a supermarket, drugstore and local retail stores around three minutes' walk away. For details, please ask at the front desk.
Are there any ATMs nearby?
There is a Seven Bank ATM in the convenience store five minutes' walk from the hotel. ATMs that handle international cards are available at the nearby Seven Eleven convenient store and post office. For details, please ask at the front desk.
Is there a hotel shuttle bus?
We are sorry, we do not provide shuttle bus services. Please click here for directions to the hotel.
Do you have on-site parking?
We are sorry, but there are no parking spaces at the hotel.
How can we get a rental car?
Please ask at the front desk. We will be happy to recommend you a car rental company.


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About connecting rooms

Connecting rooms are great options for families and groups. These adjacent rooms are connected by inner doors, allowing guests to move freely back and forth—with the added convenience of two bathrooms. Inner doors can be closed when going to bed.
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