Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya, Kappabashi Experience Japan by taking on the challenge of food sample making

Leisure / Edutainment
Time from the hotel: Train and walkapprox. 30 minutes / Carapprox. 20 minutes

Real-looking food samples will make you reach out your hand to take a bite. Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya has a large selection of unique and fun products based on their food sample production technologies, such as the Sample’n Cooking DIY replica food kits.

Make your own food samples at the tempura and lettuce–making workshop, where you will learn about amazing behind-the-scenes Japanese techniques (reservations required).

NameGanso Shokuhin Sample-ya, Kappabashi
Address3-7-6, Nishi-asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel0120 17 1839

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